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How to Activate Akismet to Your WordPress Blog

1. What is Akismet?
Akismet is very useful to prevent and block wordpress comment spams or even spam bots which can be really annoying. This plugin is a must have plugin if you have wordpress blog. You don’t have to install it because it’s a default feature once you installed wordpress. You just need to activate it by entering API key that you can get from account.

2. How do i activate Akismet?

This wordpress plugin you must switch on, because with this plugin can save your blog from SPAM comments. Comment SPAM is usually done by people using the robot program is considered by Akismet, so the comments are not appropriate for your blog will be blocked by this plugin. To activate this plugin you must have the API code. API code can easily be found, to get the API code, you must register at If you do not already have an account on, please register at wordpress and create a free blog. Then you go to dashboard and see your profile, or it could be on the menu “edit profile”. There would appear API code that you can use to activate Akismet plugin, this API code can also be used for your other blogs. Here is a look at the API code profile:

api code How to Activate Akismet to Your Wordpress Blog

To activate the Akismet plugin, please log in to Wp-Admin your blog, and then click on the plugin as shown below:

 How to Activate Akismet to Your Wordpress Blog

click on “Activate” the plugin, and you will be directed to enter the API code as shown below:

 How to Activate Akismet to Your Wordpress Blog

or you can also enter the API code with click on “Akismet configuration” under the Plugins menu on the left side. Then click on “enter your WordPress API key” to enter the API code that you have saved earlier.

akismet How to Activate Akismet to Your Wordpress Blog

If you have entered the API code, do not forget to save it by clicking on “update option”. now you have finished activate Akismet plugin for your wordpress. With this Akismet plugin, you will be able to see how many SPAM comments on your blog, and you can also display it in the sidebar of your blog. 
This the video how to set akismet to your wordpress blog :

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